My Shipping offers convenient, flexible, and affordable alternatives to worldwide shipping. It opens a window of new opportunities, especially for individuals, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and business owners located outside of the United States. 

We work with and for everyone, and for that reason, we offer intelligible solutions and substantial savings on a wide variety of shipments. Some through strategic partnerships and alliances of companies serving the world demand and others with a more localized and dedicated scope on South America and the Caribbean.

Our focus is to support all groups in society despite how big or small. That said, there is not a minimum batch size requirement or any specific locations you have to be at to start using My Shipping and enjoy the benefits of belonging to our community.

The volume of operations and other factors will magnify the benefits that we offer to the community, but our main priority is serving and supporting each one of you. Which is only possible by acknowledging that every group has different needs.

That is exactly what we do at my shipping, we help you find the most suitable solutions to your logistics.