My Shipping offers convenient, flexible, and affordable alternatives to worldwide shipping. It opens a window of new opportunities, especially for individuals, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and business owners located outside of the United States.

We work with and for everyone, and for that reason, we offer intelligible solutions and substantial savings on a wide variety of shipments. Some through strategic partnerships and alliances of companies serving the world demand and others with a more localized and dedicated scope on South America and the Caribbean.

Our focus is to support all groups in society despite how big or small. That said, there is not a minimum batch size requirement or any specific locations you have to be at to start using My Shipping and enjoy the benefits of belonging to our community.

The volume of operations and other factors will magnify the benefits that we offer to the community, but our main priority is serving and supporting each one of you. Which is only possible by acknowledging that every group has different needs.

That is exactly what we do at my shipping, we help you find the most suitable solutions to your logistics. Insert graphic references

Where is My Shipping?
My Shipping operates in a fully consolidated capacity in three different regions, one of which plays a leading role in its global distribution strategy. It has its main warehouse in Miami, Florida (United States), and the other two in Curaçao and Aruba (Caribbean region).

Making Logistics work for you, not against you
Whether for personal consumption, stock replenishment, or package distribution, working with us will simplify one of the most demanding areas of your operations.

Additionally, in this article, we are going to teach you how to get started into My Shipping. Before detailing each of the steps that you have to follow to complete your registration and activate your profile, we will explain how the system works and what’s in it for you.

The objective is that as you become familiar with our system, you also gain perspective on how we operate and address your needs. This will help you find more opportunities and advise the most resourceful way of working with us.

How Does My Shipping work – Quick Overview
The thought that the nature of our work reduces to receiving your packages in location “A” to deliver them to location “B” might seem a description of how we operate too obvious, but actually, it isn’t.

Our focus goes beyond that, we want to be in alliance with you and offer you more options and resources to make the most out of your ordering processes. That is partly the motivation behind constantly working on new strategic partnerships. But there is also plenty of work that we have to do on our own, like figuring ways to make our services most comfortable and appealing to you while maximizing your benefits.

We are committed to that vision because we know that you are the reason and the third leg of our operations. Finally, this is how it looks like:

We receive and store
Timing is crucial when it comes to shipping and so is space and convenience. For that reason, our warehouse in Miami is destined to receiving your packages and storing them for up to three months. There are no extra costs, it is all for free and included with your personal account, which is also free.

The motivation of this initiative is to facilitate your negotiations and make purchase processes flexible for you. Once, we’ve received your confirmation, we will set everything up for the dispatch.

We repack and consolidate packages 
Giving you the option of storing your packages also enables new opportunities to save space and money and increase the efficiency of this process.

Since you will likely be storing packages of different sizes and from different stores at our warehouse, we offer you the possibility to repacking them and make the most out of the shipping ranges subject to the service.

What we mean by that is that with this new idea, you get to use the size and weight ranges to your convenience. Haven’t you noticed that although there are countless shipping companies, they all have the same price structure? Yes, that is right. Shipping companies charge for volume and weight ranges, not for their definitive dimensions. Do you know why?

Well, the answer is kind of obvious. A company in our branch can’t predict what the next package will look like or how much it will weigh, and for that reason, the cost structure and the estimation of prices are carried out with certain allowances. So, why not use them in your favor?

Having abundant packages will give you the option of using those ranges to its best extent, which will ultimately save you important amounts of money.

We sort and ship – From “A” to “B”
It is finally time to deliver. If all these packages are going to the same place, there is not much more we can do besides finding the right option given your cost and time requirements.

However, in the case that some of these packages have a different final destination (Case “1”) or the same destination but are required with more or less rush (Case “2”). We will repack respectively in the previous stage and then send them according to your specifications, all of which won’t consume any of your time or money.

To better illustrate the comparisons we are making, let’s review our two cases with more detail. Imagine that you, Client “X”, who lives in Curaçao, has registered in My Shipping and in the course of one month, has sent eight packages to our Warehouse in Miami using his <a> personalized address </a>.

Case Number “1”
In this case, client “X” declares that out of the eight packages, there are three in particular which he would rather have delivered at his home address, for it is a surprise for her wife, who is having her birthday in the days to come. In this situation, our team in Miami would take care of it and they would proceed by identifying which packages have to be sent to client “X” directly and which others will be sent using the other address provided (his mom’s house).

The following diagram illustrates how the packages have been arranged to meet the specifications given by the client “X.”Insert Diagram 1 

Case Number “2” 
In this other case, client “X” specifies that out of those eight packages, there are two in particular that he is needing with especial urgency and that he wants to be delivered as soon as possible, if feasible, in the next day. Now, time is of the essence, the client needs those packages to organize the surprise that he has prepared for his wife’s birthday. For that reason, two of the three packages that in case the number “1” has been designated for shipment to his mom’s address, will be sent with “priority shipping,” “first-class service,” or the fastest equivalent, while the other along with the rest, will have a standard delivery.

The following diagram depicts how our team in Miami would organize the packages given such requirements using the services described above.

Insert diagram 2This case has been induced to explain how these changes, despite small, result in more control and independence in our customers. None of which, would have been possible through traditional or conventional services of this kind.

In short words My Shipping:
Makes your purchases flexible
Offers you the possibility to store your packages for up one month without any extra charges.
Saves you space, time, and money.
Makes delivery smart and efficient.

Now that you know how we can help you drive more business and save time and money, let’s get you started.

Using My Shipping
Finally, we’ve come to the central matter of this post. Now that you have learned how My Shipping works, let’s review step by step what you have to do to set up your profile, and start shipping today.

Account creation – Registration
The first thing that you have to do to start using my shipping is to <a> create an account </a>, which is simple and straightforward. As a matter of fact, it will take you around thirty seconds (proofread included).

Yes, that is right. We recommend proofreading the data you send to us, including in these early stages.

insert Picture: Registration Form with link to “Register Page”

Account Confirmation
Do you feel the buzz yet? If not, we advise you to check your spam folder. It might be the case that we just confirmed your account and for some reason, it got there by mistake.To avoid this in the future, make sure to inform your email provider that this is not Spam. It will take you no longer than five seconds.Insert a picture: Removing emails from the spam folder

Welcome to My Shipping
We are thrilled to have you working with us, and we want to take the time to say thank you for trusting us. Now that you’ve come all this way, you can use your own U.S address and all the resources that My Shipping has to offer to your own convenience.Go to your preferred sites for <a> online shopping </a> and update your address. That way, when the times for shopping comes, shipping will not be the least of a problem.

What you have to do next is log into your account following the details sent to on the account verification email and that’s it.

Although we offer affordable prices and convenient solutions for everyone, we also have a variety of offers specifically designed to fulfill your needs. We encourage you to navigate the following resources according to your profile and make the most out of our <a> partnership program </a>.

My Shipping for Business owners
If you own a business in the U.S or in any other country, we offer a variety of services that can help you optimize your processes. We can help you distribute your orders and we can also get your stock replenished in no time. 

My Shipping for Individuals
If you are the kind of person who enjoys their time on the internet and planning for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, this is the place for you. Check our limited time offers, sign up for our season newsletter, and spend more on your shopping and less on your shipping.

My Shipping in the Caribbean
Are you located in Aruba, Curaçao, Trinidad, or any of the areas that belong to this unique region? In that case, we have great news for you. Things are about to become better. Check out this link and learn more about our <a> Caribbean services </a> and the hottest deals of the season.